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You may find yourself in the situation to have to choose from around of 1000 B&Bs, so in order to plan your holiday trip without booking fees, you should know which are the cheap and chic properties. You may find lower prices if you can compromise on size or if you catch some deals. There are also a few B&Bs that make great alternatives to the big spends hotels, helping you stay within the budget. See below some of the most charming Bed & Breakfasts accommodations that are the perfect choice for your holiday in London.

As great a number of attractions London might have, it ranks as one of the most expensive cities for travellers. There are some small B&Bs where you’ll have all the amenities while still staying right in the middle of the city. Guests will enjoy staying at Arlington Avenue and have a lovely peaceful weekend in a beautiful hospitable home. Arlington Avenue is a Bed and Breakfast that offers an exceptional opportunity at an incredibly reasonable price. A four-storey terraced house, it is set in a residential part of Islington, with the feel of a rural retreat furnished with original art. The house has been altered and it has one single room and one double, with a private bathroom for guests. The guest bathroom has marble surfaces and the bed linen is of the highest quality.

The most sought-after cuisine, Indian food, is pretty affordable. Although splurging on restaurant meals can be a joy, three restaurant meals a day can wear your wallet down. Budget-minded travellers will find ways to save money in order to be able to visit one of the world’s great cities. The English breakfast is standard at B&Bs, but at Bonnington Square Bed and Breakfast the kitchen is yours any time of day so that you can make your own dinner.

If you’re looking for an affordable B&B, there are plenty of places London including cheap and charming bed and breakfast guesthouses, encompassing everything you might need for a home away from home. Victoria is a great hotel area, a central location with icons like Westminster Abbey within walking distance. There is direct public transport nearby and the very cheapest B&Bs are small and homely, typically 5 or 6 storey terraced houses. B&B hotels, with Victorian or Georgian-style, may be found near Victoria Station, concentrated behind it. The Bed and Breakfasts here do command a price premium over other budget hotel districts because of the central location, especially during the weekend.

Don’t let the price tags of Camden Market scare you away, here you can find some of the most fun shopping in London. The city of London often makes it to the top of the list for travellers, ranking high on amazing food and history. However, there are many travel tips some and cheap attractions, including some of London’s grandest museums.

Telegraph Hill B&B, located in New Cross, offers a self-catering option in order to make you feel at home while getting the great local vibe.



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